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Why Do Communities Matter?
Do you know who Reese Witherspoon is?
(Legally Blonde) 


Let’s start building your community!

It starts with one connection at a time.

If Reese can grow a book club to 2.5 million… What are you capable of building???

Reese sold her production company Hello Sunshine for $900M, but how? Well here is what she did...

1. 📚 She started by building a community book club. That book club has 2.5 Million subscribers and is growing.

2. 🎥 She then approached publishers of books like “Where The Crawdads Sing” (A great movie by the way), then offered to promote the books in her book club.  In exchange, she got the rights/negotiated first rights to produce films based on the books.

3. 🎬 Now that the books have validation and a solid fan base, the movies, if adapted well, will already have many people eager to see them and share their thoughts with friends.

4. After she has the rights to produce the films, Reese then shops these stories around to the major platforms such as ApplePrime Video & Amazon Studios NetflixHulu, and The Walt Disney Company (Disney +) to help get funding with the help of validating the film/series idea based on the fanbase she helped create herself!!!!

5. Then her production company works to produce films with the major platform that paid for the rights. These films then go on win awards (many of her films have).

6. 💸 Those films then make her tons of money at the box office and/or through the platforms that fund her with money to make the films.

7. 🤯 That money then goes back into the book club to help expand the community making it stronger, more valuable, and more influential.

This is a next-level business model everyone!