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Unlock the Power of Organic Marketing 

Are you ready to take your local business to the next level? 

Reputation is the NEW currency ->  Are you in control of yours?

Character  ->  Reputation  ->  Brand  

Business Page,
and up to 3 team profiles

30 Posts Per Month

Description: Create consistent engagement touchpoints to keep your audience connected and engaged with your brand.

8 Graphics Per Month

Description: Visual masterpieces designed to captivate your audience and reinforce your brand’s identity.

Personal Branded Bot built for specifically for you

Description: Exclusive access to cutting-edge tools and resources to turbocharge your content strategy and expand your reach.

Post Engagement

Description: Dedicated engagement time to maximize visibility and interaction before and after each post.

Relationship Building

Description: Focus on building real, lasting relationships with your ideal customers.

Trust and Referrals

Description: Strategies designed to foster trust and encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

Build A Brand People Believe In

Build a Brand People Believe In

Valued between $5,800 to $10,050, monthly for only $2,750.

Elevate your online presence with this high-quality, comprehensive package and make a cost-effective investment in your business’s success.

Our brand marketing packages are  designed to keep your audience hooked and informed, ensuring consistent engagement and trust-building. 

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building a personal brand... It's NOT about creating sales content...

it's creating an attraction model that has people asking you what you have to offer them.

Jordan is the perfect example of how you build authentic support when you share your life’s stories with others. 

In just 4 weeks Jordan’s went from zero connections to over 600 followers. 

He didn’t use automation or tricks. He grew through great storytelling, daily posts, and engaging with his connections. 

People want to support people who don’t pitch them on hello.

They want to know what makes you likable, relatable, and approachable.

Would you buy this guy a beer? No??

Well then you’re probably not going to buy is products or services either! 

Name blacked out because this is a DM. 

But this is how you market well.

When you are likable, you don’t have to sell your services. 

People come to you. 

The secret is to attract not chase. 

Show up for your network, add value. Seeing your connections as competition is such an outdated mindset.

The key to success is to be the loudest supporter in your network. 

develop Authentic Connections with Reputyz: Building Trust, Not Spam

While most of you have a LinkedIn profile, likely, many of you haven’t fully utilized it to boost your business.

It’s not just about having a profile; it’s about actively using it to engage and grow your market.

That’s where the power of Reputyz branding on LinkedIn makes all the difference.

Why LinkedIn? 

Because it’s a goldmine for local businesses like yours to expand your reach and enhance your visibility.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing that might feel outdated or static, LinkedIn offers a dynamic platform to showcase your business, share your expertise, and engage directly with your community and beyond.

The Reputyz Difference

Our approach at Reputyz isn’t just about making connections—it’s about making your business unforgettable.

With consistent posts and targeted engagement, we help you become not just visible but a thought leader in your local Idaho market.

Think about it—when someone in Idaho needs services or products you offer, you want your business to be the first name that pops into their heads.

Using LinkedIn effectively can make that happen.

It’s about being more than just present; it’s about being prominent, relatable, and trustworthy.

Let us help you turn your LinkedIn profile from a static page into a vibrant channel that brings new opportunities right to your door.

Ready to elevate your business and become a local leader in your industry? Let’s make your business the go-to name in Idaho.

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