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How to Retrain Your Social Media Feed

If your newsfeed doesn’t bring you joy, it’s time to toss it out!

I’m going to show you how to ✨SPARK NEWSFEED JOY ✨

Let’s get started!

> Go to your home page

> On a laptop scroll down and on the left side of the page you’ll see a tab that says “Discover More” <> Click it ????

> On your phone you go to my network > Click on “manage my network”

> Start by sorting and unfollowing unwanted hashtags

> Sort and unfollow unwanted pages, refresh your page and their content will be removed from your newsfeed.

> Groups, their content doesn’t affect your newsfeed content but it does affect your network reach and search capabilities.

The final and most important step is choosing whom you want to follow both in your network (direct connections) and out of your network.

You can see how many times the people you follow out of your network have posted in the last week. In descending order from the most to the least.

Go search for some new hashtags and key phrases you are interested in.

Scroll the people and posts.

Follow those that catch your eye > you can always remove them!

By doing this you are telling the algorithm exactly what topics you wish to be informed on via hashtags you follow and whose content and opinions you care about.