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Network Development

It is just as crucial for a HAPPILY EMPLOYED individual to grow their network as it is for someone that is seeking new opportunities or is self-employed.

Why is growing your network essential?

Here are a few examples of how knowing the people around you can improve your experience and life.

Are you someone who talks and gets to know your neighbors? If you are, you know that when you do your life improves. It’s nice to walk your dogs and have people say, “Hey, Chrissy, hi, Archer, hi, Ozzy, how are you all doing today?”

When people wave, ???? drop off cookies, ???? or invite you to a bbq, it makes you feel, “included, appreciated, and safer” in your home. You know that if a crisis happened, you’d be running over to “Cindy and Bob’s” house, not the stranger next door asking for help.

When you make friends at the golf club, dance club, or pickleball courts, you now have more opportunities to play or dance because you have more partners who will share their time with you.

This is the same for opportunities that will be offered in your career.

Networking isn’t just about getting a new client or job, it’s about getting invited to speak on a podcast, attend a private dinner or event, learn something new, and meet people you didn’t even know you needed to know!

Life is short.

And time seems to speed up as you age.

Don’t let insecurities or false beliefs about yourself or people hold you back.

Relationships matter.

Matt Barker shared some great tips today on his methods of outreach. I suggest giving him a follow to learn some new methods for sharing, writing, and growing your network.

Most people don’t know what to post about so they just don’t post at all.

Ryan Musselman shares a TON of great tips on how to engage and extract the little gems of knowledge YOU HAVE HIDDEN INSIDE OF YOU that would be GOLD to someone else but seem like nothing to you.

Do you want to be seen as a credible resource?

Consistently show up, be kind, supportive, and friendly.

Wave to your neighbors and see if your world starts to change.