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How To Optimize Your Profile To Get Recruited On LinkedIn

If you are seeking a new position here are a couple of daily tasks you can do to increase your visibility, showcase your skills and abilities, and display why you are a fantastic hire! #hireme

1. Grow your network. Each day send connection requests to hiring managers, recruiters, or employees of companies you wish to work for. (10-20 people)

2. Practice your people skills, and start chatting up your network. The way you would talk to someone in person. Your connections are real people, so start real conversations. All opportunities start with HELLO! ????

3. Start posting daily, this will increase your visibility and showcase your knowledge and expertise. It’s a new year, talk about your goals and ambitions to make it the best year ever! Tell success stories as a reflection of everything that happened in 2022, search key phrases, and reshare other people’s posts with your thoughts.

4. Search every keyword associated with #hiring#opentowork#jobs#opportunity. Comment on the posts that interest you, it’s important to actually comment, not just like. Share what your feedback on their post is and why you support it. Or why you have a different view or perspective of theirs. (do this kindly, you’ll get better results)

5. Research what your network is sharing and what hidden gems and opportunities might be right in front of you that you may have missed! (like losing your glasses when they’re on top of your head)

6. Turn your profile into a lead page. Here is a link to Luke Matthews suggestions on how to build an attractive profile. https://lnkd.in/g_Jt44uu

Do this and your world and perspective will start to change and evolve daily.

LinkedIn is a pot of golden opportunities. ???? ????

It may not seem like it if you are in a place of distress but relax, breathe, believe in yourself, and start envisioning the position of your dreams in 2023.

If you can see yourself in the place you want to be you’ll start emanating that energy and attracting the right people…

Relationships open doors to the right positions, and opportunities help you to build your hopes and dreams and ultimately change your life!

You’ve got this!!!