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Glen Lexa
Glen Lexa@glenlexa
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“Running a small business means wearing multiple hats, and time is always of the essence. Sales Connector has become my secret weapon for lead generation. It's user-friendly, and the LinkedIn integration is seamless. I can now focus on building relationships with prospects, knowing that Sales Connector is handling the heavy lifting in the background. The CRM integration keeps everything organized, and the pricing is reasonable. I couldn't be happier with the results!”
Timothy Blonsky
Timothy Blonsky@timothyblonsky
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“Sales Connector has revolutionized our lead generation strategy on LinkedIn. The seamless integration with our CRM has not only saved me countless hours of manual data entry but has also provided us with valuable insights for targeted outreach. The customizable campaigns and automated follow-ups have significantly increased my engagement rates. I highly recommend Sales Connector to any marketing team looking to supercharge their LinkedIn lead generation efforts.”
Cathy Benz
Cathy Benz@cathybenz
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"As someone who relies on intuition, I appreciate how Sales Connector complements my natural approach to building connections. It goes beyond traditional lead generation tools by facilitating authentic engagements. The personalized outreach features have not only increased my visibility but have also deepened the quality of my connections."

It’s the AI-driven, LinkedIn lead generation tool that B2B Sales Leaders, Marketing Agencies, and Consultants are using to scale their businesses today!

If you are actively working on building your network daily, you will need help to organize and automate daily correspondence and proper nurturing methods. 

Endless opportunities by opening doors to relationships and enabling strategic sales.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Connector is a comprehensive LinkedIn lead generation software and CRM that empowers businesses to find, connect, and engage with potential leads on LinkedIn. It seamlessly integrates with your CRM to manage and nurture these leads.

Sales Connector automates and streamlines the lead generation process on LinkedIn, helping you identify and connect with potential clients. It also integrates with your CRM, ensuring efficient lead management and nurturing.

Sales Connector uses advanced algorithms and filters to identify potential leads based on your specified criteria, such as industry, job title, and location. This ensures that you connect with the right audience.

Yes, Sales Connector allows you to create highly customizable lead-generation campaigns. You can tailor your outreach messages, schedule connection requests, and automate follow-ups to suit your business goals.

Sales Connector automatically syncs LinkedIn lead data with your CRM, providing a centralized view of your leads. This facilitates efficient lead management, allowing you to track interactions, schedule follow-ups, and analyze lead behavior.

Absolutely. Sales Connector prioritizes data security and follows industry best practices. Your LinkedIn data is encrypted and handled with the utmost care to ensure privacy and compliance.


You can manage it all in one organized system

Outreach capabilities that exceed the monthly allotted allowance by LinkedIn for casual users.

Email & message your connections directly from your LinkedIn pages. 

With the help of LinkedIn, you’ll never have to waste time looking for prospects. LinkedIn is the best B2B database in the world. Combining with the best LinkedIn outreach software your outreach game will be on fire 🔥

Don’t worry about the performance of your LinkedIn account. With our detailed and real-time analytics, you’ll be able to see in your dashboard which campaigns are driving the most results and track the health of your account based on the LinkedIn SSI score.

Integrated software and app for instantaneous sorting, tagging, and notes.

Growing your connections to 30k+ and beyond has never been so easy!

It's not just a lead generation software

The software has not only expanded my network but has also opened doors to exciting collaborations and projects.


“I’ve always believed in the power of connections, both on a personal and professional level. It’s not just a lead generation software; it’s a canvas for cultivating meaningful connections in the digital landscape.” “


“For any fellow creative professional seeking a tool that marries artistic expression with effective networking, Sales Connector is a masterpiece.”


“The personalized outreach features have not only increased my visibility but have also deepened the quality of my connections.”

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